January in Athens Python Users Meetup

On 24th of January we had the first Python meetup for 2017 as always in Hackerspace.gr. Based on our typical setup we started with two talks:

  • Myself, I kicked off the meetup with a Micropython on ESP8266 talk. I started with quick intros on Micropython and the ESP8266, moved to using the RERL over Serial with minicom and ended spectacularly with blinking neopixels.

  • Spyros followed talking about Nameco based microservices and his Tweetmark project to save tweets for later reading and do it in style. Moved on with a live demo and successfully fixed the obligatory demo bug defeating the Demo Gods. He vanished walking towards the sunset.

Late February we plan on the next meetup with more thrilling talks on gEvent and Python on AWS Lambda. Join our mailing list and meetup for exact dates and venue info.

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