NeReS: Manage NewRelic Synthetics Monitors from the command line.

NewRelic Synthetics is a service to monitor websites that comes free of charge with all accounts and offers a satisfying set of features:

  • Website up-time monitoring from multiple locations around the world
  • Content validation
  • SSL certificate validation
  • Email alerting on error

I developed NeReS, an (unofficial) cli tool to manage monitors from the command line.

NeReS can list the current account monitors, add new, edit or delete existing ones. It can also return the information in raw JSON format so you can further process and automate your monitor generation using tools like jq.

Using NeReS you can automate the generation off monitors based on the number of deployed apps. Or you can change the email that receives the alert emails with one bash loop.

NeReS mimics the user actions in the Web Console so it works with all accounts, free and pro.

Detailed documentation and usage examples in the projects repo glogiotatidis/neres on Github.


  • List all monitors:

    $ neres list-monitors

  • Add monitor with 10 minute check frequency and SSL validation:

    $ neres add-monitor monitorName --frequency 10 --verify-ssl

  • Get monitor details:

    $ neres get-monitor de310b69-3195-435e-b1ef-3a0af67499de

  • More examples in NeReS' ReadMe.


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