Remove users from git-crypt enabled repository

Git crypt is a neat git extension to encrypt some files - if not all - in a git repository. Integrates nicely with git using filters and it's use is completely transparent once you have unlocked a repository.

Using git-crypt you can still share a repository in public and maintain a set of files with secrets that are accessible to a limited number of users. Especially useful for open source projects.

At some point maybe you'll need to remove one of the users who have access to the encrypted files. Git-crypt does not provide a command to remove users (yet) because it's complicated to be done right while preserving history.

Until this issue is fixed, I put together a script to automate the procedure. The script will de-initialize git-crypt from the repository, completely remove the git-crypt keys and users. Then it will re-encrypt the repository and re-add all the keys (users) expect the one requested to be removed.

This is obviously a work-around and a proper solution with multiple git-crypt key versions is preferred but still it gets the work done. The solution was inspired by comments in the corresponding issue.

Grab with the script and documentation from GitHub.

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