User friendly website analytics with Sandstorm Oasis and Piwik

Piwik is a great FLOSS website analytics platform. I've been self hosting it for different small websites I've managed through the years. Although it's fairly easy to setup and maintain at this level of use, I want to avoid having another service in my maintenance list.

While looking for user and web respecting alternatives -read looking for something else than Google Analytics- I realized that Sandstorm Oasis does support Piwik.

I logged-in and setup my Piwik instance, or Grain as Sandstorm calls instances, in less than 30 of seconds. The tricky part is to copy the code provided by Sandstorm instead of using the code in Piwik documentation, since that's customized to work with Sandstorms special API interface. Paste in the HTML and you're done!

So if you're looking for decent solutions that respect your users and the web, give Sandstorm a try. They are on a "mission to make open source and indie web applications viable as an ecosystem" and they are doing so by developing a platform which makes it super easy to run many open source web apps, like Piwik, Rocket.Chat, Ghost, GitLab, Wordpress and others. Their hosted Oasis platform also comes with a free plan.

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